A bit about us

In everything we do, we want to show you, our customer, that our work is more to us than the equipment and networks we service. Above the technical end of the job, we look to discover the needs of the people using that equipment. We strive to meet our expectations with a sense of urgency because we understand that people are counting on you; your staff, customers, your community. By minimizing your exposure to common technology problems & known security threats, we're maximizing the availability of your systems, and helping you avoid obstacles in your business process while watching out for your bottom line. We don't believe in loose ends, or expectations that go unmanaged. We believe in the value of a job well done, open dialogue, and full disclosure with everyone; no games, or gimmicks. We think it’s time for you to expect more from your IT service. All of our clients are VIPs, so give us a call, and enjoy consulting with a team that knows how to follow up, and follow through.

 Alex Liebeskind, Owner/Operator - On Top of I.T.


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