Residential Services

Antivirus & Removal Services
Spyware, Trojans and malware are no match for our experts. Help is available 24/7, and so are updates to prevent future problems. Today's threats can make what's on your machine unusable. Call us today to get the correct setup and software to defend your computer against all types of attacks.

Wireless Network Setup
Get the most out of your internet service by having us set it up for you! In your busy life, there’s no time for down time. You want your wireless working right from the start. Optimal performance is what we’re all about, so say good-bye to forgotten passwords or the hassle of unplugging routers or modems.

Backup Plans
Our Guardian Backup Program is our VIP Disaster Prevention Plan. Our tried and tested backup technology will keep all of your data from all your machines safe and synced. We monitor the health of every backup; no exceptions. In the event of any problem with your files, rest easy knowing we have you covered.

Hardware Upgrades
Is your computer feeling a little clunky? Before you buy a new machine, let us see if we can get what you've got up to speed. A Solid State Drive, some more RAM, or a faster video card is often all you need. Our package deals even come with a guarantee that you'll notice the difference in speed, and performance!


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